prototypes for banca march's offices

3 offices in madrid + 1 office in palma de mallorca   bank office new look   finish in 2016   between 90 and 140sq2   in collaboration with anna puyuelo   renders: sbda

prototypes IXOS's brand

vitoria   2019-2020   200m2   renders: pablo llamazares

prototypes for racc's offices

barcelona   2016   between 60 and 100sq2   in collaboration with anna puyuelo   renders: sbda


barcelona   bar-restaurant refurbishment   2013-2014   100m2   photograhs: olga planas

calle santafe bar

barcelona   shelf desing and art direction for the calle santafe bar   2014   photographs: olga planas


barcelona   refurbishment of jewellery shop   2003   100m2   photographs: olga planas

apartment in eixample

barcelona   apartment refurbishment   2015   140m2   photographs: olga planas

apartment and photography studio op

barcelona   apartment and photography studio refurbishment   2011   130m2   structural engineer: manel fernández   phototgraphs: olga planas

apartment in raval

barcelona   apartment refurbishment   2012   62m2   photographs: olga planas

apartment in gracia

barcelona   apartment refurbishment   2011   55m2   photographs: olga planas

ciutat de granada

barcelona   apartment refurbishment   2010-2011   140m2   in collaboration with vander lemes   structural engineer: manel fernández   photographs: olga planas


barcelona   apartment refurbishment   2008   60m2   photographs: olga planas

passeig st joan

barcelona   apartment refurbishment   2010-2011   60m2   photographs: olga planas


barcelona   office refurbishment   2008-2009   135m2   photographs: olga planas


ocata (barcelona)   refurbishment and extension of single family house   2007-2010   140m2   structural engineer: manel fernández   photographs: olga planas

editorial gustavo gili

barcelona   keeper's house refurbishment   2007   95m2   photographs: olga planas

comtessa nºuno

barcelona   refurbishment of jewellery shop   2006   20m2   photographs: olga planas


barcelona   apartment refurbishment   2001-2002   120m2   in collaboration with àgata vila
lluís el piadós 5 08003 barcelona
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